About Us

Meet Noah Werthaiser,
Chef Owner

For much of Noah's childhood, his parents owned and ran a small restaurant on the Oregon coast. They worked from 4:00am to 7:00pm, but despite these long and tiring hours, they always made good food for their three kids at home.

This fueled Noah to begin his own culinary career and, at the age of four, he created what he believed to be a mushroom soup. It consisted of water, flour, mushrooms, milk, and salt. Though his palate and understanding of food have certainly advanced since then, his curiosity and creativeness remain the same.

He attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he learned an appreciation and respect for the “basics first” principle. He then interned at Birch restaurant in Providence, where he was taught to treat his ingredients with care. Ingredients were his tools, and were to be afforded a high level of attention and respect.


"Keep the ego out of the kitchen, and the soul in the food."
-Noah Werthaiser

Meet Brandon McCowan,
Operations Director

Brandon grew up on the Central Coast of California, but has spent much of his adult life in Ashland. He is now very happy to call it home.

It was a love for the arts that originally drew him here. He studied at Southern Oregon University, earning degrees in Costume Technology, as well as in French Language and Culture. He also continued training in Classical Ballet through college and beyond.

He has since spent several years in New York City, where he pursued costume, dance, and acting work. He worked as the Studio Manager for well-known dance photographer, Jordan Matter, which helped him develop his skills in event management. Life led him to various other jobs in many other places, and he ultimately found his way back to Ashland. In recent years, he has worked for OSF and SOU.